What pet is ideal for you?

Time For A Pet Quiz!

I love propagating fig trees and have enjoyed eating figs all my life since knowing my grandparents. Aside from this, I have a fun playful part of me that likes to joke around with laughter like most humans who loves a pet.

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Sometimes it’s a good idea to put the seriousness of propagating figs to the side and have some fun. With that, I decided to give to you a fun quiz that you can play where you can find the animal lover inside of you. It comes complete with a suggestion in the results telling you what you could consider if the results do not show your expectations.

What pet is ideal for you?

This quiz helps to determine what pet lover you are

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2 thoughts on “What pet is ideal for you?

  1. So sorry, I am not a cat person, I love all animals but my love is English Bulldogs. I had three. & would not change them for the world, but thanks for the try, anyway.

  2. Hi Doris! Thanks for taking the quiz. I realize that you said you’re a dog person, but maybe something is starting to change about your personality that is leaning toward cats? Your feedback has been helpful for tweaks that might be necessary for this quiz.

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