What is Figgi Riggi?

Figgi Riggi was named with Figgi, meaning the little figs scattered about the tree. And Riggi stems from the rigging you might find on a sailboat. The rigging is the structural support. With that said, Riggi is the social support structure of this blog. It can also mean the process for supporting the propagation process of growing fig trees from scratch. As a result, we have Figgi Riggi.


This fig blog came about when the New Jersey fine artist, Tom Stone started a hobby over 17 years ago with growing figs. When Stone was a child, his family would go on Summer vacations to see his grandparents in South Alabama. While there, he would spend a great deal of time picking the figs off of the trees in the yard. He recalls moments where everyone had to battle with the birds by snatching the ripe figs as soon as possible. The memories of the deep south have been strong with farm machinery that my grandfather used in his vegetable gardens and the smell of heat or moisture in the air… and then the sweet aroma of the fig trees wafting through the air. While keeping the memory alive my mother had an idea to purchase two fig trees. All we did was to plant them in the yard and see if they would grow. Who knew that the trees could survive the harsh winters in New Jersey. We knew some basic ways to care for the trees, and sort of learned as we went. I then went away to grad school to get my masters degree and then returned realizing that one of the fig trees had a problem of not growing figs and both trees were growing so tall we couldn’t reach the figs. I then set out to gather a lot of knowledge about fig trees. My friends began to ask questions about these trees when I decided to give fig tree saplings to them, so then this blog was born.

If you’d like to read more about Tom Stone’s artist biography, you can visit his art portfolio website. He’s available for commissions and garden consulting services.

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