4 Steps To Make Pecan Fig Bread

4 Steps To Make Pecan Fig Bread

4 Steps To Make Pecan Fig Bread. Last Fall I was picking figs on the tree and began to think about the fruit pantry in my grandma’s country house in Loxely, Ala. It was filled with jars of canned fruits and vegetables that grew in her gardens. She also had a small fruit dehydrator and made the most delicious foods from all those delicious treats in her yard. While thinking about this, I decided to do something useful with my own homegrown figs rather than just eating them fresh off the tree. I looked around and found a recipe on making fruit bread and decided to modify it a little to spice up the flavor. Read more

No. 1 Farming Destination In Guyana

No 1 Farming Destination In Guyana


No. 1 Farming Destination In Guyana
Uncle Rupert’s Tractor

No. 1 Farming Destination In Guyana. Farming has been a curiosity since my childhood. I’ve loved growing plants in the garden and had enjoyed my granddaddy’s influence in South Alabama. I was always curious about his farming machines that he had in his shed. Some of which I never saw him use since we only came to visit during the month of August, so I never had a chance to watch him plant his vegetables and fig trees. Since childhood,  I had tractor toys and would watch farms pass by while riding in a car wondering about life on a farm.

Last month a tragedy occurred in my life where my fiancée’s mother passed away unexpectedly. Read more

How To Land Your First Writing Hustle

How to Land Your First Writing Hustle


You know I love gardening since I’ve been practicing it since I was a kid and originally created this blog to help my friends who I gave fig trees away to. They had a lot of questions regarding the best ways to grow their fig trees in this environment. During that time I realized that I also like to write and I thought that there must be a way to make some extra money to make ends meet. With that said I thought that maybe there is someone else out in the world in a similar situation who might value this shared information about where I found it. So, I came across this idea on Read more

International Love of Figs

international love of figs image capture of a world map


Since my childhood, I would love planting things in the garden. When I was a child I went away on family trips to visit my grandparents. They carried with them an international love of growing shared from generations that came from across the Atlantic ocean. Read more

Master Gardener Studies

gardener dying tree


I have had an interest as a gardener and enjoying the delicious nature of figs ever since my childhood after years of visiting my grandparents in south Alabama. There, they had the most memorable sweet Brown Turkey fig trees. Since then, I’ve always had an interest in propagating them in the New Jersey where the climate can be harsh on them. After giving them away to friends, I created this information blog so that any questions they might have would be answered here. After 18 years, my mother decided that I’ve finally become an expert with the knowledge that I’ve developed even though I don’t see my self as a master yet. She had an idea that I should apply for the local Rutgers Cooperative Extension Master Gardener certification course. Read more

Shelter Logic Maximizes Protection

Shelter Logic Greenhouse

Shelter for your fig tree is right around the corner

Now is the time to  think about how you want to winterize your fig tree

When I was a child growing up in New Jersey, I spent much time my family’s vegetable garden since it was like a shelter from the rest of the world. There, we grew string beans, squash, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, rhubarb and even had a blueberry bush. Most of the time spent in the garden was discovering insects to learn which ones were healthy for the thriving ecosystem of the garden and which were the pests. The garden was just something we tended to during the growing season and then it was gone. We didn’t have fig trees and instead we went to visit my grandparents in South Alabama to pick the Celeste and Brown Turkey figs off of the trees while trying to reach the fruit before the birds got to them. I usually believed that the only place to grow figs was in the South. That’s when my mother and I discovered figs for sale at a local nursery and figured that they probably grow in USDA zone 7a. Read more

Maintenance of server at Figgi Riggi

maintenance of server at figgi riggi

Quick Note: Server maintenance for Figgi Riggi

You know, I love figs for their sweetness ever since my childhood when my granddaddy in South Alabama would grow fig trees in his back yard. I always thought figs would only grow in that subtropical environment. Until only about 20 years ago, I discovered that they grow right here in the Northeast at USDA Zone 7a. It’s all fun and exciting until bouts of maintenance occur… either with maintaining fig trees or Figgi Riggi. Read more

How to cure coral spot disease on your fruit tree

How to cure coral spot disease

How to cure Coral Spot disease

As you know, I love fig trees for the bountiful sweetness that they provide and have enjoyed this since my childhood when my granddaddy in south Alabama grew them in his back yard. They’re easy to grow in certain climates and can produce a high yield unless disease decides to infect a tree. I like it when my friends come to me seeking advise for diseased problems they might have with their trees or showing off their successes as well. One day my friend from college sought me out in Facebook with his diseased problem and here I am sharing his story. Read more