4 Steps To Make Pecan Fig Bread

4 Steps To Make Pecan Fig Bread

4 Steps To Make Pecan Fig Bread. Last Fall I was picking figs on the tree and began to think about the fruit pantry in my grandma’s country house in Loxely, Ala. It was filled with jars of canned fruits and vegetables that grew in her gardens. She also had a small fruit dehydrator and made the most delicious foods from all those delicious treats in her yard. While thinking about this, I decided to do something useful with my own homegrown figs rather than just eating them fresh off the tree. I looked around and found a recipe on making fruit bread and decided to modify it a little to spice up the flavor. Read more

21 Easy Steps to Making Fig Preserves

Preserves Jars cooling after hearing the popping sound in the lids

Family History Of Making Fig Preserves

When I was a little kid visiting my grandparents in the South Alabama town called Loxely, I recall moments in the laundry room looking up at all the canned foods my grandmother prepared. They lined the shelves with a range of colors from each of the different fruits and vegetables that my grandfather picked from the gardens. One of my favorite activities was to go out in the yard and pick fresh figs. I enjoyed that natural sweet snack and along with that there was a time for breakfast where I would spread my favorite preserves onto my toast. I would like to share with you this memory with a step-by-step instruction on how to make Fig Preserves presented by my mom who has the recipe memorized. It’s not very difficult and I’m sure you will enjoy this delicious snack. You will need to allow yourself up to 2 hours to make it and a chair or a little helper if you can’t stand for long periods at the stove for stirring. Read more