No. 1 Farming Destination In Guyana

No 1 Farming Destination In Guyana


No. 1 Farming Destination In Guyana
Uncle Rupert’s Tractor

No. 1 Farming Destination In Guyana. Farming has been a curiosity since my childhood. I’ve loved growing plants in the garden and had enjoyed my granddaddy’s influence in South Alabama. I was always curious about his farming machines that he had in his shed. Some of which I never saw him use since we only came to visit during the month of August, so I never had a chance to watch him plant his vegetables and fig trees. Since childhood,  I had tractor toys and would watch farms pass by while riding in a car wondering about life on a farm.

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USDA Gardening Zones

Which USDA gardening zone am I in?

The USDA has set up an essential guide for gardeners which helps them determine if their plants or fruit trees will grow in their climate. This helps a gardener choose whether they want to go through the trouble of planting a rare plant species in their region, whether outdoors, in a pot or a greenhouse. There are many fig tree varieties and some grow better in certain areas than others. The USDA zones range from 1a-13b and in the Northeast USA, you will find a range from 3b-7b. usda


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