a photo of air layered fig tree roots

Air Layering A Fig Tree Root

Do you want to learn how to air layer a fig tree root? This is my creative method on how to do air layering. Find out how I did it with recycled bottles that are found everywhere in the world.

Air Layering

a photo of growing figs on a potted fig tree

Growing Figs On A Potted Fig Tree

Have you ever wondered if your young potted fig tree will grow figs? I had this same thought until recently I saw that I was growing figs on my potted fig tree. This story tells on how it all happened.

Potted Fig Trees

image of a dying tree

Sign Of Dying Trees

Have you ever wondered when you saw a tree with mushrooms growing on the bark while thinking that the tree has a new friend in nature? This is not exactly what you think it is.

Sign of Dying Trees